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Project Spark Changes (Spark Time & Upload Slots)

Team Dakota is making some changes to Project Spark based on beta tester feedback. We’d like to thank everyone for working work with us to help us learn ways to continue improving and evolving Project Spark.

While these changes are our new plan, like everything else, they too may be changed, as well.

Spark Time has been removed

Players will be able to play anything created in Project Spark, without any time limitation or DLC ownership requirement.

 Spark Power is now Spark Premium

Spark Premium bonuses will remain at 200% of credits earned and 200% of XP earned.

We’ve slightly reduced the price of 30 days of Spark Premium and have added 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month options.

Upload Slots have changed

We changing the number of upload slots to better accommodate both casual and highly engaged creators.

Users who download and play Project Spark as of today (3/18/2014) will have a default three (3) upload slots after creating their free Project Spark account

All accounts activated via beta key during our closed beta program (played the game prior to 12:01am Pacific on 3/18) will continue to have the five (5) free slots. Thanks for your help during our closed beta.

Additional Upload Slots can be unlocked by purchasing Spark Premium

Our long-term creators have been making more awesome creations than they’ve had upload slots, limiting their ability to share. Spark Premium now comes with a bonus of additional slots:

- Two (2)permanent additional upload slots with purchase of 3 months of Spark Premium.

- Five (5) permanent additional upload slots with purchase of 6 months of Spark Premium.

- Twelve (12) permanent additional upload slots with purchase of 12 months of Spark Premium.

Team Dakota aims to err on the side of doing the right thing for fans

Spark Time has now been removed, and everyone is able to play anything in Project Spark to heart’s content, without limitation. Spark Premium (previously called Spark Power) provides great benefit by giving you double the XP and credits earned in the game. And while we technically didn’t take anything away, we do realize that there may be some fans that acquired Spark Power specifically because of the unlimited Spark Time benefit.

To do right by those folks, everyone who acquired 30 days of Spark Power within the last 30 days (as of 3/18/2014)  will automatically receive (within the next few days):

- 24,000 credits. (the previous cost of a month of Spark Power)

- Continued XP and Credit bonus until their current Spark Power time runs out.

Thanks for all your help and feedback during the Project Spark closed beta. We look forward to continuing to work with our community to identify areas of improvement during our open beta. :)


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