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Q: Where do I sign up for a beta key?

Q: Does my beta key work on Xbox One?  Windows 8.1?
A: Yes, the beta key works for both Windows 8.1 and Xbox One.

Q: What do I do if I have Windows 8?
A: There is a free Windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade in the Windows Store.

Q: Can I get a beta key for Xbox 360?
A: No, Xbox 360 beta has not been announced, but Project Spark will be available on the Xbox 360 when it officially launches.

Q: Can I get Project Spark for Windows 7, Windows RT, iOS, DOS, Game Cube, Atari 2600, etc.?
A: No.  No plans have been announced for Windows 7 or other operating systems. While anything is possible, development for additional platforms would come at the expense of further feature and content additions to the existing game.

Q: Will I need a second key?
A: Once your gamertag has a key, it works on Windows and Xbox.

Q: Can I get a second key anyway?
A: We’ll send everyone from a second beta key when the Xbox One beta goes live.

Q: Can I give my extra key away?
A: Yes, give it to a friend or relative, and share the Project Spark joy.  A key is locked down to a specific user’s gamertag only after that person registers the key.

Q: When is the Xbox One beta?
A: The Xbox One beta is slated to release any day now.
Q: Will my stuff in the Windows 8.1 beta show up in the Xbox One beta?
A: Yes.  Things you create, unlock, or buy in game will carryover between platforms.

Q: Will my stuff in the Windows 8.1 or Xbox One beta show up in the official release?
A: Yes.  Things you create, unlock, or buy in game will carryover after the game is officially released.

Q: Help!  My key says it’s invalid or has already been used!
A: The most common issue with invalid keys is transposing O (capital letter “oh”) and 0 (number zero).  Please retry the key while paying special attention for these characters.

For example, “L7O20“ is L-7-oh-2-zero.

While entering the beta key into the client, you can use copy / paste (even without right-click).  Highlight your beta key and copy (or ctrl+C) from the email and in the beta key box in the client, click so the cursor appears and ctrl+V to paste.

Q: Help!  I lost my key!
A: You can sign up again at or you can visit our 24/7 Community live stream channel

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