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We’re doing some quick updates to and expect the website to be back up within 2 hours. (3pm PDT)

In the meantime, why not visit our forums (which may also have some brief downtime during this update) or just squawk at us on twitter @proj_spark ? :)

Hippo Update Notes

Available for download today is our latest update to the Hippo build.  We had a few top fixes in this one as well as some continued system-wide changes that tee up our upcoming retail Starter Kit release on Oct. 7th (in the US).

To start off, we’ve got a few small but quite audible fixes for our latest drop.

  • Whoosh there it is! There was a bug where sound FX levels would default to the loud Gallery state when starting in create mode. This has been fixed.
  • The ambient wind was way too loud in Crossroads prompting the team to want to add the dialogue stating we’re not in Kansas anymore (we restrained ourselves). This has been fixed.

Pesky Cursor

  • When using touch and mouse controls on PC there was a bug where the cursor would always display the scale as 100%. This has been fixed.

Combat Calamity

  • A variety of cool combat hit effects went missing. The hit-stop freeze (hit stall) upon constancy and the camera shake amongst them. Combat should feel a bit better now.

Calling All Creators: Coloring [Display] Icons has Changed

  • As we head to release, we’ve changed the way tinting works with icons and the [display] tile. Previously the desired color multiplied with the color of the icon. This usually resulted in darkened, muddied and confusing coloring that rarely resulted in the intended color. Now, icons are converted to a gray scale then the desired color is applied to the icon. Unfortunately, with this change, players may need to update their worlds if they are expecting the old behavior.

Contribution Value/Lineage

  • We’ve learned a lot from the beta community around how we calculate Contribution Value (CV), in particular on worlds that were created before Hippo released.  If you don’t know, CV is the % of work the uploader put into a shared world.  CV is used to determine how many Credits and XP each creator gets as a world is played and up voted.  We started calculating this in Hippo based on how much time each creator spent painting, sculpting, editing brains, etc.  But since we didn’t track these actions in the creation process before Hippo released we had to guess on older worlds and backfill their CV percentages.  Turns out our guesses were a bit off, so we’re going to fix that by taking these steps:
    • We have discarded all CV data (both backfill and accumulated) that existed prior to today (this update).
    • We are applying new backfill CV data to all levels created prior to today (this update).
    • We will start accumulating accurate CV data again from this point on.
    • The service will be offline for several hours while we complete this operation amongst a few other maintenance and preparation tasks.

As always, please send any issues and bugs you encounter our way and we will have more updates on our exciting upcoming release over the next few weeks.

Project Spark Takes a Nap.

We here at Team Dakota are going to be taking the Project Spark servers offline temporarily.

After the release of the Hippo update Team Dakota has many new possibilities open to us in regards to what we can put into Project Spark. However, to bring everyone more great content we will need to update our servers… and there are a lot of them.

This means:

-Project Spark will be down for about 18 hours starting at 6PM UTC -800 (West Coast USA time.)

-The Project Spark website will be intermittently down as well.

Once the servers are up it will be back to business as usual. I know how much everyone is yearning to get into Project Spark and create. We apologize for the down time. This update will help us bring everyone more great content in the future, and get us ready for release on October 7th.

Project Spark artwork named 2014 #intothepixel winner

Congrats to Jedd for having his artwork selected! For more details about Into the Pixel check out: :)


Free Stuff in a Free Game Stress Test Event

Project Spark at PAX East

Project Spark – The ultimate creation game that lets anyone build unique and instantly playable levels, experiences, and worlds, Project Spark will showcase exciting new content on Xbox One and Windows 8.1 at PAX East. In addition to Team Dakota, the development team behind Project Spark, providing hands-on and guided demos of the game, several of Project Spark’s superstar community members will showcase their own games and levels created within the game. Consumers who come by the booth and try the game for themselves can receive an exclusive “Pinny Arcade” pin (limited quantity).

Project Spark Panel - Playing is Creating: How to transform from an everyday gamer to a creative visionary with Project Spark

Saturday, April 12th 12:00 PM | Albatross Theatre

Have the dream of creating your perfect game? Interested in seeing what an engaged and passionate community can create? Do you love playing new, different, and unique games? Join Team Dakota as we share the vision and reality of the limitless possibilities of Project Spark. We will showcase some of the amazing games, worlds, and content that our community has created. Learn more about Project Spark: Where Players Create and Creators Play. Currently available in beta and launching soon on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows 8.1!

Project Spark Update 4/9/2014 (Xbox One & Windows 8)

Project Spark Update 4/9/2014 (Xbox One & Windows 8)

We’re in the process of pushing out an update for the Xbox One and Windows 8 versions of the Project Spark beta to address several issues, including the following:

-Stinger sound files can now play over music files in the remixer.  Have fun adding your drum tracks to your remix of LinkSpark’s ‘Guilty All the Same’ level!

- Fixed several audio bugs related to LP’s GATS level.

- Resolved several crashes that would occur in Crossroads.

- Fixed an issue that made the World Picker do all sorts of strange unintended things at times.

- Players are now able to rate a level at any time. (instead of only after playing it)

- Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause level description text to appear cut off.

- Updated the 12 month Spark Premium offer to correctly display the 12 additional permanent upload slot bonus.

- Resolved several issues that could cause crashes on Xbox One.

- Made some overall performance improvements on both Xbox One and Windows 8, with many more to come.

- We continue to tweak our challenge and reward system based on community feedback.


Project Spark - Challenge Changes & Updates


We have some exciting news to share with everyone around some updates to the challenge system that are rolling out at any moment. This change should result in more engaging challenges and enable more players to complete challenges and earn more of their max potential rewards.

As we continue to evolve Project Spark, listen to feedback, and expand functionality we continue to tune and hone in on some key goals.

This update focuses on several of these goals:

  • Make challenges feel less like a grind and more like a reward for playing, creating, and experimenting.
  • Provide players with more variety over time.  Less constant daily challenges, and more rotating challenges every day.
  • Reward great creators in more satisfying ways and reward more creators in general, this includes rewarding every player for every Download and Up Vote they receive. 
  • While as mentioned above, the potential max XP/Credits players can earn each week should be similar, with these changes more players should be able to earn more of that potential max.
  • Make challenges more reliable by addressing several bugs.

Specific Changes

  • New infinitely repeatable mini challenges for every Up Vote and Download you receive.
  • New Daily Challenge just for logging in.
  • New Daily Challenge for adding enemies to a level in create mode.
  • Daily Up Vote and Download challenges replaced with Weekly Up Vote and Download challenges.
  • “Spark Power Reloaded” challenge replaced with “Marketplace Hero” challenge.  Get 1000 credits for purchasing your first content pack (excluding Spark Premium) in the marketplace.  Purchase can be made with Tokens or Credits.  Credit Unlocks count too.
  • Added Challenges for “Knights Combat School” side quests in Crossroads.
  • Sculpt and Paint challenges reduced from 3 min to 1 min.
  • Rotating Brain challenges and Tile Experiment challenges condensed into one of the daily challenge slots.
  • Rotating Sculpt, Paint, Prop, and Add Brain Tile challenges condensed into one of the daily challenge slots.
  • Some broken challenges removed from the rotation until we can fix them.

As a reminder, you can view Challenges by clicking on your profile in the top right corner or pressing the View button on Xbox One. From there, select the challenges tab. There are three more tabs in this section, all filled with a variety of challenges to go after. Timed challenges represent daily and weekly challenges that frequently change. Milestones feature more long term focused rewards for players to earn over time during the course of play. Goals feature one time rewards for experimenting and completing specific goals.

We’re excited to roll this update out, and look forward to your feedback.

** Note ** Weekly challenges reset at 2am each Friday

Announcing Project Spark: The Board Game

Team Dakota, the creators of the highly-popular Xbox One and Windows 8 creation game, Project Spark, announced today that they’ve added a new product line to the Project Spark franchise. “Project Spark: The Board Game” is expected to be on store shelves later this year, in time for the Holiday season. 

The board game attempts to capture the spirit of user creation that is the essence of the Project Spark brand, and will sport many different game modes that allow users the option to play and create in a variety of different ways. 

- Marker mode allows players to color the game board and breathe life into the cards, including a palette of 6 robust marker colors to offer the widest possible range of creative expression.

- Scissor mode puts the power of component creation into the hands of players like never before, allowing them to shape characters, cards, terrain, weapons, and more.

- Brain mode offers players the option to craft their own game rules using plain-spoken language tailored to personal tastes of the player and her friends.

“Project Spark: The Board Game” was designed from the ground up with multiplayer in mind, and will have full out-of-the-box multiplayer support for up-to 4 players. Team Dakota plans to continue growing and evolving the “Project Spark: The Board Game” by releasing Supplemental Rules Content (SRC) packs based on various themes. 

Learn more about “Project Spark: The Board Game” at and look for it at your favorite retailer this holiday season!

LinkinSpark Challenge

LinkinSpark Challenge

Linkin Park and Team Dakota partnered together to create the world’s first interactive music video, and now we want YOU to make your own. Share your own creation with a remix of the “Guilty All the Same” song in Project Spark, (or remix the LinkSpark level itself, if you dare!), to show the world what you can do. Team Dakota will create a video of the top remixes, with input from Joe and Mike from Linkin Park, that will be shown at this year’s E3 Expo.

 - Include [LP] in your level name for inclusion in the special LinkinSpark feed.

- Use the hashtag #linkinspark on social media to let the world know what you’ve created.

- Create a video of your remix for inclusion on the Linkin Spark Upload channel and the Project Spark Youtube channel.

Or ignore our advice completely and make your own rules. This is about you. What are you waiting for?

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